Sunday, January 22, 2012

Help with my hibiscus bush?

In July of last year I planted a hibiscus bush. It grew and flowered for the rest of the summer and into the fall, and I was thrilled. However, this spring it is a dry, brittle bunch of twigs. It seems to have a good root system, but it looks dead above the ground. Is there anything I can do to help it, or is it gone for good?

Help with my hibiscus bush?
Depends where you live I live in Michigan and the winters get COLD we cover ours in the winter and it is in great shape now...
Reply:Just helped a friend with her Hibiscus in San Francisco - though it flowered profusely last year, it is now just twiggy - but alive. We moved it, after realising that it had been planted on really poor soil, with tons of rubble underneath.

It just needs some warmth to help bring its shoots into growth, so have a little patience as, subject to your past winter, it should be alive and well. If its twigs are flexible, they should still be vibrant and ready to give you a great display this year.

If you get really cold winters, you can help protect it with some horticultural fleece, which keeps the temperature below it a few degrees warmer. However, I'm assuming yours is good to grow, as soon as spring/summer warms a little.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob
Reply:Hibiscus are the last shrub to produce leaves in Spring. Mine often doesn't have any until June. The first year I left mine in the ground as I had other things in the garden to do first. By the time I got around to removing it in late May, it was just starting to produce buds. If yours is a hardy variety, then this may be the same situation.

I planted it with other shrubs so the spring twigs are not noticeable.
Reply:its fine...mine does that every year...i have mine planted in a big huge pot and if you want to bring it back alive sooner then give it some miracle grow or some sort of good fertilizer...mine gets dry in the winter and then ijust make sure i water it every night or give it water early in the mornin...good luck they turn out to be beautiful
Reply:Did you have the hardy hibiscus or the tender one? If you planted the hardy one it's fine. If you planted the one that can't take freezing temps. it's dead.
Reply:It is too early for it yet, give it time. We have had some very cold weather.

I know when I planted mine I thought it was a one time plant but it came up again the next year much to my surprise, I live in Oregon
Reply:Hibiscus like to be really damp.water it twice a day.mine grow and flowers all year round.i have 7 colours of hibiscus.

Good luck.........!


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